Monday, September 14, 2009

Swan Dance in Australia - Lumix Life

My "Swan Dance" gallery was shown in a photography gallery in Sydney, Australia as part of Panasonic's Lumix Life exhibition. Here are some screen shots from a webcam set up in the gallery, along with the original photos.

Swan Dance in Australia by Joe Beine
Swan Dance in Australia by Joe Beine
Swan Dance in Australia by Joe Beine
Swan Dance in Australia by Joe Beine
Swan Dance in Australia by Joe Beine
Swan Dance in Australia by Joe Beine
You can see more of my swan photos at: Trumpeter Swans by Joe Beine

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Twins in Light: Wooden Tops

twins: wooden tops with red tissue paper in the sunlightThese wooden tops were made by Alan Gray, a mechanical engineer, who enjoys making toys that balance. The package they came in arrived on a sunny spring day. When I opened the box the sunlight from outside my front door and window made a nice glow on the red tissue paper and the colored top. So I took a picture.

The top maker's website is at: Wood Tops

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Photograph of Michelle Obama on the Cover of NV Magazine

In October 2008 I went to a rally on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder to hear Michelle Obama speak. Although I was buried in the crowd I was able to take some photographs of her with my Nikon D80 and a 70-300mm zoom lens. A skate girl next to me let me stand on her skateboard for a few shots. She had to steady me because skateboards aren't really designed for this sort of thing. Later, I posted a couple of the photographs online. One of these became my most viewed photograph on Flickr. At the end of 2008 the photo was used with my permission on a First Ladies fashion website called Mrs. O. And then NV Magazine asked to use it as part of their "Michelle is Me" cover story, about Michelle Obama's impact on African-American women.

NV Magazine Cover - Michelle is Me
The original uncropped photo has blurry backs of people's heads along the bottom and right side. But I think Mrs. Obama's smile transcends the entire scene.

Michelle Obama in Boulder uncroppedSince I took this photograph she has become a gracious and beautiful first lady.

NV - New Vision in Business Magazine is sold at many Barnes & Noble stores around the U.S. Thanks to Leah Bailey at NV Magazine.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Norman Petty Documentary featuring Buddy Holly

Five photographs I took inside the Norman Petty recording studio in Clovis, New Mexico were used in a documentary called "New Mexico Legends - The Norman Petty Studios." The documentary was produced by the New Mexico Music Commission and you & me productions. It first aired on New Mexico PBS stations on June 4, 2009. It features Buddy Holly, the Fireballs, LeAnn Rimes and others.

Norman Petty Studio Microphone
Here are the photographs of mine that were used:
For more information about the documentary see: New Mexico Legends - The Norman Petty Studios

Thanks to Steve Palmisano of you & me productions

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fujifilm Instax 200 Camera Photographs

Instax is instant film like Polaroid used to make. I recently bought a Fujifilm Instax 200 camera. It's a large plastic camera about 7" long and 5" high. It has three exposure settings (lighten, normal and darken) and two lens settings (0.9 to 3 meters and 3 meters to infinity). I'm having fun playing around with it. Here are two of the first photographs I took with my Instax camera.

Wheat Sky - Instax Photograph by Joe BeineWheat Sky

Snowless Winter - Instax Photograph by Joe Beine Snowless Winter