Monday, February 16, 2009

Fujifilm Instax 200 Camera Photographs

Instax is instant film like Polaroid used to make. I recently bought a Fujifilm Instax 200 camera. It's a large plastic camera about 7" long and 5" high. It has three exposure settings (lighten, normal and darken) and two lens settings (0.9 to 3 meters and 3 meters to infinity). I'm having fun playing around with it. Here are two of the first photographs I took with my Instax camera.

Wheat Sky - Instax Photograph by Joe BeineWheat Sky

Snowless Winter - Instax Photograph by Joe Beine Snowless Winter


karl rothenberger said...

i have the camera and i love it! however, it overrides the flash off function in low and mixed light. meaning the flash goes off even when i dont want it to. do you know a way around this? any advice would be great! -k

Joe said...

Karl: I guess you could put a piece of electrical tape over the flash, but that might be kind of awkward.

teresaferreiro said...
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teresaferreiro said...

could you help me? T need to know what is the photo paper of this camera, the fujifilm instax 200.

many thanks

Joe said...

The film box I have says, Fujifilm Instax instant color film, wide picture format, 6.2cm x 9.9cm.