Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Other Side of South Park

These were taken yesterday overlooking a South Park valley. The cartoon South Park looks a little different—it's just over the hill.

A valley in South Park, Colorado

A valley in South Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Summer Rainstorm

I drove up to South Park on Monday and took these two pictures from the back porch of a friend's cabin just as a storm was approaching across the valley.

Rocky mountain summer storm, South Park, Colorado

Rocky mountain summer storm, South Park, Colorado

Friday, July 21, 2006


Motheater live in world underneath Denver's normal music scene. They don't play in the known clubs or get written about in Westword. They don't know what a record label is for. Their shows almost seem like spontaneous happenings, spread by word of mouth and obscure Internet postings. I saw them last night at a tiny dark warehouse space on Brighton Boulevard, just beyond the railroad tracks and all those new overpriced lofts. Their music is a dark mass that moves with slow intensity. Look carefully beneath Denver's nightlife and you just might get to see them sometime.

Mike/singer - Motheater

Weston/bass - Motheater

Eamon/drummer - Motheater

Kevin/guitar - Motheater