Monday, February 12, 2007

We Are All Photographers Now Exhibit

Floating, photograph by Joe BeineThe Musée de l'Elysé in Lausanne, Switzerland is having an exhibition of photographs submitted by people from around the world. The museum exhibition will run from February 8-May 20,2007. Submitted photos will be shown on a screen in the museum. Here's the exhibition website: We Are All Photographers Now Exhibit - Tous Photographes

Here's an article from Popular Photography about the exhibit: A Swiss Museum Wants Your Photographs

And here's where to go to submit your way cool images: Submit Your Images to the All Photographers Now Exhibit - be sure to read the terms and conditions

Forlorn Boots by Joe BeineFor more information see the We Are All Photographers Now Blog

At some point they should email you a photo of your photo being displayed. I was the 3,786th person to submit a photo. Displayed here are two of my photographs I submitted. You can click on either to see a larger version.

Update: You can see a photo of one of my photographs being displayed at the museum here: We Are All Photographers Now on Flickr

And the folks at Flickr have blogged about the exhibit: Tous Photographes on Flickr

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